About The Unconventional Route

About Us

We’re Kim and Chris, a recently-married couple from Vancouver, Canada who fight complacency a living.

This blog is our biggest weapon. Over 150,000 people (and growing) read it every month, many thousand more are subscribed to our Consider This newsletter, and we have a blast working on it.

About Chris

Chris wearing everything in his minimalist men's packing list.

Chris grew up in Vancouver, studied in Toronto and France, Microsoft Excel-ed in Switzerland and Panama, pretired, exported blueberries to Mexico, co-owned a hostel in Squamish and tried (and failed) to market a butter made from bug fat.

He likes basketball, nachos, Kim, and trying to convince people to do things with his writing.

He dislikes cold weather, cooking, noisy large groups of people, and being told exactly how to do things. (Best check out his personal user manual before meeting him.)

On the Unconventional Route, Chris does the writing, editing, research, and analysis.

About Kim

Kim catching an orange in Valencia

Kim first caught the blogging bug back in 2010 with her food and travel blog, The Hungry Hapa. While she mastered the art of dinner parties and ignited a love for travel, the blog didn’t make it past its second birthday.

After leaving a corporate job in mining for a 6-month backpacking trip with friends, she decided to move abroad.

She started up her own granola company, got certified as a personal trainer, and taught herself web and graphic design.

Kim’s in charge of photography, social, and other creative elements for this blog, supplements her modest blog income with freelance work and has recently launched a dinner party blog.

Our Mission

To stop the quicksand of the status quo from sucking up life’s potential.

I’m doing so by exploring life with curiosity instead of conformity, purpose instead of complacency, open-mindedness instead of correctness, and patience instead of short-sightedness.

Hopefully my adventures inspire others to do the same. That way, I play a part in creating a world where it is conventional to be unconventional.

Don’t Get Stuck in Ruts

Explore fresh new ways to make the most of life every 10 days with us and a few thousand friends in our newsletter, Consider This:

Kim and Chris laughing after shisha in Jordan
Shisha giggles in Jordan, our first of what would be many, many trips down The Unconventional Route together.

Our Past

How we met and stumbled into this blog.

Kim’s sister is married to Chris’ cousin. We met at a dinner with them in December 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. Kim was home for the holidays while studying in Dubai. Chris was “pretired.”

When Kim told Chris she planned to travel to Jordan in March, Chris bought a ticket and invited himself. He then spent the next two months convincing Kim via text message that it wasn’t weird to “keep it in the family.”

Our relationship developed and yada, yada, yada until November 2017, when we had to vacate our Vancouver apartment before it was torn down on top of us. Kim suggested blowing this popsicle stand, so we moved to Medellin, Colombia.

We didn’t have much to do in Medellin but discovered lots of cool things nobody was writing about. So we wrote about them.

The Unconventional Route took off from there, evolving from a travel blog into a travel blog for life.

Chris and Kim on a recent getaway up North.

Our Present

What’re we up to right now? (November 2020)

Foraging for mushrooms and otherwise hiding out from the rain in Vancouver, Canada as we count down the days until we flip hemispheres back down to stunning Cape Town in December.

(Please, please don’t restrict us from coming, South African government!)

Business challenges we’re tackling:

  1. YouTube. Chris has switched his camera to video mode to see if he can succeed at getting YouTube viewers to get on their own Unconventional Routes. His first attempt is at chronicling his first-ever 3-day fast.
  2. Newsletter. Even though it’s highly unlikely we reach our goal of getting 10,000 subscribers onto our Consider This newsletter by the end of 2020 (we’re just over 3,000), we’re giving it one last push.

Other things we’re doing:

  • Researching and Writing: The Unconventional Route way. What “unconventional” is, what it isn’t, and fine-tuning our strategies for winning at life.
  • Watching: Schitt’s Creek and Babies on Netflix.
  • Reading: Storyworthy, which so far has definitely been read-worthy.
  • Struggling with: Credibility. Networking has been hard because we’re seen as just “bloggers” without a big social media following.
Chris looking at a tiny bird on our safari in Sri Lanka

Our Future


Fingers crossed that we’re allowed to go to Cape Town on December 7. If so, we’ll stay there until April, when we have to come back to Canada so that Kim can give birth to our baby!


  • Have 10,000 “Consider This” subscribers who make 1,000 or more clicks per email by December 2020. (Join us!)
  • By the end of 2020, be making $10,000 a month from this website. Getting there!
  • Infect the world with a curious, extraordinary, and unconventional mindset. So kind of like the coronavirus, but with opposite results.
  • Figure out a way to start and raise a family in a stable environment surrounded by a community of amazing friends and family without being stuck in one place (especially a cold one).
  • To win at life.
Kim, Chris, and you.

What About You?

First, do your future self a favor.

Ensure they remember to avoid ruts and make the most of life by joining us and a few thousand friends as we explore new ways to make the most of life every 10 days in our Consider This newsletter.

Second, introduce yourself.

Tell us what you’re up to, what challenges you have, and what unconventional ideas you’re pursuing via email or in the comments below.

Disclosure: Whenever possible, we use links that earn us a cut if you pay for stuff we recommend. It costs you nothing, so we’d be crazy not to. Read our affiliate policy here.

Chris and Kim profile

Kim and Chris are fighting the status quo to win at life, then sharing their best tactics on The Unconventional Route. If you want to join, subscribe to Consider This for a fresh dose of ideas every 10 days.

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    In love with both of you your new age souls . It’s like I just lived my life vicariously through. Both of you and a big congratulations on the most luckiest baby to enter our world and have you as parents what a great path you created For the a he/she thank you for doing this I will spread your word for ever hooked . One last thing the rut I am. Now gonna move forward thanks to both of you .


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