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It took me 9 hours to respond to everyone’s replies to the previous Consider This!

I’m ecstatic to have gotten so much engagement. 

So “what will I do differently based on the information” from all of your responses?

  • Ask you more direct questions. And fewer rhetorical ones. 
  • Make better use of your brains. Together, we can consider on a whole new level. Check out this Google Doc with all your feedback on WWIDDBOTI. I want to do this more often. How? I dunno. If you have ideas, please help. 
  • Interact with more of you individually.  

Related to the third point, consider this…

Me smiling at your door and offering my assistance.

At Your Service!

Imagine you hear a knock on your door. 

With a groan, you get up off your butt, shuffle over, look through your peephole, and see… 


I’ve come with a special offer for you:

One hour of my time. 

You can have me do anything you want (as long it’s legal and consensual).

What would you get me to help you with? 

  • Accountability on something you know you need to do but can’t find the motivation for? 
  • Brainstorming ideas on business/career/purpose/fitness? 
  • Objective feedback on something you’re working on? 
  • Custom recommendations or research on a topic you’re interested in?
  • Growing or getting started with your own blog?  
  • Editing something you’ve written?
  • Travel planning, maybe to a place you’re going and I know well?
  • Yardwork

Well, consider this to be me standing on your virtual welcome mat. 

Why am I doing this?

To find out what services I can offer you that you actually value

So I’m not giving away my time like Halloween candy. Because if you’re not interested unless I’m free, that’s a good sign you don’t put much value in my help. 

But I also want a lot of takers. So I’m offering what I think is a great deal—way less than I’d usually sell my precious free time for:


And before you politely shut the door in my face with a, “Thanks but no thanks!”, one last thing:

If you aren’t satisfied with my help, I’ll give you your money back. 

Can’t afford $50? 

If that’s truly the case, and not because you prefer to spend it on craft IPAs, let me know. We can work something out.

So Tell Me: How can I help you?

Simply email me,, filling in the blank:

“Hey Chris. I’m interested in you potentially helping me with _______.”

That’s it.

We’ll coordinate from there.

Thought Starters

  • ↺ What about the other way around? Is there something you think I might want to consider paying you for? Or if you were to ask a bunch of people who sort of know you what they’d pay you for, what do you think they’d say? 
  •  Whose time would you take? If you could have one hour of anyone in the world’s time, who would it be? Why? And is there any way you could come close to finding the answers you’d hope that person would help you with on your own or with someone else? 
  • 🙋‍♀️ Do they know that’s what you want? Many of you said you never responded to previous Consider Thises because you didn’t know I wanted you to. Similarly, is there something you’re hoping to get from others you could be more clear on? 

Yours sincerely (…for an hour),


Next Consider This: Asking for help is better than self-help.

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