24 Surprise Challenges You’ll Be Glad You Tried

Two weekends ago, my friend Rebecca recommended me some YouTube guided breathwork class. She said the effects on her were “really, really wild” and “weirdly cool.” Since it was only 36 minutes long and I didn’t want Rebecca to think I’m some hypocrite who pushes other people to try new things without doing so myself, … Read post

30-day challenge for you cover

I Have a Challenge For You

Put aside your preconceptions of 30-day challenges, give one of these ideas a shot, and I guarantee you’ll convert into a huge fan, like me.

November to remember cover

Give Yourself a November to Remember

Do you ever feel like months fly by but you’re going nowhere?  It’s like working on a production line: A new month rolls in. You assemble it the same way as usual. The month rolls off into the pile with all the others. In rolls the next month. I suppose that’s not always so bad. Not every month … Read post

Personal user manual example

A New Tool For Introducing Yourself

So I’d like your help with this issue’s idea. I really like the concept. If everyone adopted it, we’d all: Be able to get to know each other faster Get more out of each other Minimize conflict caused by honest misunderstanding Form a worldwide hand-holding circle to sing Kumbaya in unison Lots of promise!  But I haven’t even … Read post