24 Surprise Challenges You’ll Be Glad You Tried

Two weekends ago, my friend Rebecca recommended me some YouTube guided breathwork class. She said the effects on her were “really, really wild” and “weirdly cool.”

Since it was only 36 minutes long and I didn’t want Rebecca to think I’m some hypocrite who pushes other people to try new things without doing so myself, I told her, “Thanks! I will definitely try it this week.”

But then on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I ended up having “more important things to do.”

This left me wiggle room-less on Sunday. So when Kim was out with Zac at Oranjezicht Market, I clicked the link Rebecca sent me, read the description like she had warned me to do, found a spot on the floor to lie down on, then started the video.

The first five minutes were unpleasant.

I felt zero “really, really wild” or “weirdly cool” experiences. Doubt crept in. “I gotta do this for 30 more minutes?”

But I didn’t want to have to tell Rebecca I quit, so I powered through. What’s a few minutes more, anyway?

Sooner than I expected, the voice in the video told me I could finally catch my breath from all the heavy breathing and led seven minutes of gratitude meditation.

Then I felt… “wild” and “really cool.” Invigorated!

I was glad that Rebecca sent me the video and that I’d forced myself to do it.

This got me thinking,

Why don’t I try things like this more often?

…Then I started to brainstorm what else I could force myself to try.

… … Then I had the idea of making a personal challenge out of it.

… … … Then I thought, Why not invite others to join me? Like you!

Consider this…

Adventure calendar

‘Tis The Season for Bite-Sized Adventures

You know those cardboard advent calendars from the supermarket that have little chocolates hiding behind each day from Dec 1 to 24?

Well, I’ve taken one of those and replaced the chocolates with challenges to create…

An Advent(-ure) Calendar!

Twenty-four mini challenges I wouldn’t do unless someone forced me to, but I will be glad I tried (…probably).

What kind of challenges?

I won’t spoil any surprises in case you decide to join me (FREE!), but here’s a general idea:

  • Challenges to your routine (e.g., perform a specific activity before or after sleep—or during!)
  • Challenges to your attention span (e.g., do something especially boring for 20 minutes)
  • Challenges to spread the holiday cheer (e.g., spend up to 20 minutes doing an assigned good deed.)
  • Challenges to your physical and mental comfort (e.g., the breathwork video Rebecca sent me.)

Nothing too physically intense (no post-challenge showers needed) or time-consuming (20 minutes max).

Not every challenge will be as invigorating as the breathwork video, but I doubt I’ll regret doing any of them, either. The Advent-ure Calendar will:

  • Sprinkle some healthy spice into the holiday season
  • Give me something extra to be merry about on Christmas Day
  • Build up momentum to take on more, bigger adventures in 2023.

And it will be extra fun to do it alongside others.

Like you?

O Come All Ye Adventurers!

Join me and a merry crew of Santa’s little s-elf helpers for the Advent-ure Calendar Challenge.

Every morning, you’ll get a surprise new daily challenge. I’ll also give your info, tips, rationale, and, sometimes, extra challenges for each one. Then I’ll post my own experience accomplishing each one and encourage you and everyone else to do the same.

I’ve made it free to join to encourage maximum participation.

Click the button for more info and to hop aboard:

Thought Starters

  • 🎞 Time to top up your memory bank? “If you stop creating and experiencing new things, you eventually have nothing to look back on fondly anymore.” – Pete Davis, Dedicated.
  • 👨‍🦯 24 challenges = 24 steps in fresh directions. “As you start to walk on the way, The way appears”- Rumi.
  • 🧮 2.083%. In a waking day, we all have 48 20-minute windows. Is it not worth dedicating just one of them to a little challenge? It will be more productive than many of the other 47, no?

Until next time,


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