Q: What the FAQ?

A: If you’re wondering why you’re seeing this FAQ when you wanted to see our About page, here’s why:

These frequently asked questions will tell you everything about The Unconventional Route that you ought to know.

Q: What’s in this for me?

A: This FAQ will help you decide whether you should take “The Unconventional Route” or not.

About 20% of people who read this FAQ dive in.

The other 80% apparently flee somewhere more comfortable and conventional.

Q: Do you think I’m better off being “unconventional”?

A: Not necessarily.

Being unconventional for the sake of being unconventional is no better than blindly following the crowd.

TheUnconventionalRoute.com is just the domain name that happened to be available when we started this site in late 2017. If a genie could grant us any domain, we’d change it to… I don’t know. YourBestLife.com? ExploreLife.com? No. Too cheesy. I’d probably be practical and take, Google.com.

Anyway, we believe in thinking on your own terms to take whatever path’s best for you. Sometimes the result is unconventional. Sometimes not.

Q: Who’s “we” and “I”?

A: I’m Chris. My wife’s Kim. We’re responsible for everything you’ll find on this site. Mostly me, these days. Kim’s working on something nearer and dearer to her heart, dinner parties.

If you’re curious to get to know us better, here’s a recap of our past, present, and future, how my “pretirement” led me here, and my personal user manual.

Q: What do you know that can make my trip through life any better?

A: Not much.

Rather than pretend to have answers for you, we share questions we think are worth asking, the approaches we’ve taken to answer them, and how it has worked out for us.

Q: What kind of questions?

A: Any question that serves The Unconventional Route’s mission:

[Cue the Superman theme music.]

To fight complacency, which lulls us into going back and forth in our lives’ paths until the ruts we erode are too deep to climb out of.

We’ll do so by enthusiastically exploring and blazing our best possible paths. And we’ll try to haul as many people as possible out of their ruts to do the same.

Because a rut-less world where everyone makes the most of their trips through life would be an extra extraordinary place.

Q: Can you give me an example of a question?


What does winning at the game of life mean to you? (Here’s my approach.)

Most people are running around breathlessly “playing the game” without knowing. Crazy.

Or, if it’s too early for you to think about something so heavy, try this question:

Can you train yourself to like black licorice if you’ve always thought it was disgusting? (Here’s my approach.)

Q: Do you have any questions for me?

A: How thoughtful of you to ask.

Yes, thank you. I do. Lots.

First of all, did I win you over or scare you away?

If you’re curious enough to take another step down The Unconventional Route, try joining Kim, me, and a few thousand others in our idealetter, Consider This.

Because everyone has better things to do than read emails, it’s short and infrequent (only one every 10 days). I suggest one fresh approach for making the most of your trip through life and share a few other bullet-point “creativity laxatives” to get you thinking.

That’s it.

It’s free, fun, and you can quietly abandon us any time.

Plus, if you join us, I’ll send you two more questions about you in the welcome email.

Next Issue: 10 questions to double-check if you're going the right way.

Q: Is that all?

A: Yes. For now. Believe it or not, I’ve got better things to do that stare at my screen pushing buttons all day. Hopefully you do, too.

Happy travels,

Chris and Kim

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Chris and Kim

Kim and Chris started The Unconventional Route in 2018 to share their adventures fighting complacency to win at life. Today, over 150,000 people a month visit the site and thousands more explore a dose of uncomplacent ideas with them every 10 days in their free newsletter, Consider This.

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