Yacht Week Croatia Review – The Straight Facts

The Yacht Week Croatia Review: Know Before Your Go

Perhaps you've heard to rumours, the stories, and the legends about the Yacht Week. It sounds awesome. But so did the Taco Bell Cheese Roll-Up burrito. It is all hype, or is it the real deal? This Yacht Week Croatia review has the answers.

In the interest of educating the masses, I sacrificed myself. From Aug 9-17 ten buddies and I embarked on the Yacht Week Croatia in search of the truth.

We found it.

My Yacht Week Croatia review summary is that it's awesome… but it's not for everyone. And there are definitely some things you should know in advance. Here are some key figures to shed light into the inner workings of the mayhem and help you prepare for your own experience:

And for those of you who don’t know what the Yacht Week is, watch this video:

The Yacht Week Croatia Review by the Numbers:


Number of nationalities represented at Yacht Week.Somewhat surprisingly there was nobody from Russia, the Middle East (not even Israel), or Asia. Nevertheless, the chance to cavort with and befriend people like you from around the world was definitely a highlight of the Yacht Week.


Number of nationalities representing 80% of the yacht weekers: American, Australian, Brazilian, Spanish, and German. In other words, while the Yacht Week Croatia draws a worldwide clientele, it's not THAT diverse.


Nationalities we had on our boat, “The Love Boat”: German, Swedish, Swiss, Canadian, Portuguese, South African, and Namibian. This definitely played to our advantage in drawing the attention of other boats.


Estimated age of the average yacht weeker. The youngest were 22 and oldest closing on forty, but most were in the late 20s to early 30s range.


Average age of the skippers, who are supposed to keep everything in control. No wonder chaos ensued.


This may be crude, but no Yacht Week Croatia review would be complete without sharing how much sex goes on. Fifteen is the number of girls the eight single guys in our crew “got intimate” with during the week. Just under two girls per guy might not seem like a lot, but most of our crew settled on “Yacht Week girlfriends”, meaning they hooked up with the same girl each night. If getting laid is one of your objectives at Yacht Week Croatia, you're in luck. It is very easy.


Percentage of yacht weekers who were female. At least. If anything, there were more girls than guys. Everyone—guys and girls—seemed to agree it was an ideal ratio.

Yacht Week Croatia circle raft
The circle raft was our favorite day of the week.


Estimated total number of hours we were actually at sea. And some of that was early in the morning while we were sleeping. The vast majority of our time was spent anchored or at harbor. The Yacht Week is not about boating; it's all about partying.


Hours we actually had the sails up. We only put our sails up twice in the whole trip.


Estimated average sleep quality score, out of 100 during the trip. The cabins get unbearably hot at night. This forces you to sleep on deck, which is not designed for sleeping. And sleeping outside leads to an inevitable early wake up as soon as the sun comes up. I’d recommend following the skippers’ lead: bring a hammock and something to cover your eyes.


Number of full meals we ate per day. With the exception of one egg salad, that meal was always pasta. Other than that, for sustenance we snacked on fruit, cereal, pizza, sausages, bread, and booze.

eating at Yacht Week Croatia
Eat your broccoli before the Yacht Week, because you won't be getting much during.


Boats doing the same route as us, the Yacht Week Croatia Black Route. At the same time, 46 other boats were doing the Red Route, which is the same route but in the other direction. That’s a lot of boats and a lot of partiers.

$850 (4900 kuna)

Total spent on groceries at the Getro by the marina before sailing off for the first time. We ate it all and then some.

$35 (200 kuna)

Amount we were extorted into paying for the 250 meter taxi ride to bring our haul of groceries from the Getro supermarket to the Marina Kastela. Bring some dollies or carts from the marina so you can push the stuff back yourselves and avoid being ripped off.

$10, $1, $0.5

Approximate cost of a bottle of vodka, a can of beer, and a kilogram of bananas respectively at the supermarket by the marina where we started our trip.

$30, $2.50, $3

Cost of the same vodka, beer, and bananas at the harbor by Hvar where we spent two nights. Buy as much as you can at the begging in order to save money.

$260 (1500 kuna)

Amount each of the eleven in our crew contributed to the pot, which was used to pay for joint expenses like groceries, gas, and harbor fees.

$4.50 (25 kuna)

Typical cost of a can of beer at the Yacht Week parties. If you’re a cheap-ass like me, be sure to pre-drink, or make a party mix that you can stash nearby.

$350-$900 (2000 to 5000 kuna)

Cost of getting tables at the parties. Don’t get tables. The parties are free-for-alls and you won’t be spending much time at your table anyways. If you want drinks, buy them individually or take advantage of other people’s tables.


Number of skippers (the guys we paid to captain our boats for us) who said Yacht Week Croatia is their favorite. Without exception, they said they thought the Yacht Weeks in Greece and the US Virgin Islands were better. That’s not to say Croatia is bad at all – it’s awesome – but food for thought for those considering signing up and deciding where to go.


Number of times in my life I will do the Yacht Week. It was an even better time than I expected, but it's the polar opposite of the type of traveling I prefer (blending in) and I’m not sure my body could survive another. Plus, it’s expensive and there are plenty of other experiences and parties to be had in life. I recommend everyone do it once at least. And if you’re crazy, you’ll be back for more.

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  1. Just did The Yacht Week Croatia. Wish I read this before going there to be a little bit more prepared. Really liked your article and all the numbers – especially the cost for taxi and food supply. Actually, all the numbers were quite accurate and interesting!

  2. All the guys and girls are so shredded and ripped. Does this mean that the less attractive bodies don’t get a fair chance to get laid ?

  3. Hi, two things:

    1.Im planning to travel in July, should I opt for an AC yacht or non AC one? is the heat really unbearable?
    2. A bit embarrassing but I am a snob in these How well equipped are the toilets of the yacht like?

    The company emailed my friends and I that our boat is no longer available. Im hearing the ac yacht is not worth it. Some nights the boat ran out of fuel and they didnt have ac until later that morning. What is your opinion?


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